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Our Team … drum roll, please … of one


When I first put this website up, I was working out of a nice spa in Williamsville, NY. I had a very nice massage therapist that occasionally helped me with couple’s massages. I don’t work at the spa anymore. I don’t do couple’s massages anymore also.

Right now, I’m completely on my own.

The picture you see below is me on the best of my best days. That’s the only way I felt comfortable enough to put it up. The little bio is of me on my best days also. Don’t get too impressed by it. I’m very down-to-earth for the rest the time.

Bianca Aguglia, LMT

bianca aguglia bio picBianca is the owner of Aterra Wellness LLC and a full time massage therapist. Originally from Romania, she holds a 4-year degree in International Business. She is also a graduate of the full time massage therapy program offered by the New York Institute of Massage.

In her work, Bianca uses a combination of Swedish style and medical massage techniques to help reduce stress, decrease muscle tightness, relieve pain associated with different medical conditions, and increase athletic performance.

In her spare time, Bianca enjoys hiking with her family, riding her bicycle, running, and reading. She is also very interested in natural health, minimalism, and simple living.

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